This is my favorite animal because it's also my pet.They are small, they have lots of soft fur and a fluffy tail .They are mammals.The one that I have is a domestic one, but there are farm ones that are wild, those eat mice and grass.Mine eats fruit,vegetables and flowers.When they are babies they sleep a lot.

They normally weigh nothing more than than 2 kilos.

They have very good hearing and two big eyes that help them see everything.


this is my avatar

This is my avatar. Her name is Lucy. She´s got long, brown, straight hair. She has also got green eyes.

She can fly because she has got yellow, big butterfly wings.

She is wearing a purple top and a black skirt.

Lucy loves playing outdoors with her friends.

She is very smart and funny and sometimes she can be a a bit nervous.

She is also really friendly and kind and loves animals. :)

Teacher's notes: well done. Only a small spelling mistake, correct it.