My Avatar


My avatar's name is Pepa...She has got red hair, and brown eyes. She's short.
She has got a purple t-shirt and skirt. She's good-looking.She has got short legs and She have got ---- tall neck, and short arms.
She has got small feet and white shoes.
She's in Bronx Zoo...

The End

Shaima Martin, 1ºA

Teacher's notes: be careful with the concordance subject-verb. "tall" is not correct here, look for a different adjective. Correct the mistakes.

My Bedroom(:

This is my bedroom:

My room is gray, ?? is an animal paradise. It has a picture of cats, and another big picture of dolphins, it has a purple armchair and a carpet of tiger. There is a bed animal type (??) with a wolf above, and a shark. Also there is a dark and a blue curtain. I like my room because I like very much the animals.
The End<3


Teacher's notes: correct the mistakes, be careful with the order of words. Mark: 4,5


NAME: PigBall.


EQUIPMENT: Special shoes, three pigs for group in blule, and three in red, two black balls, and specific clothes.

RULES: You must were on the pig. You mustn't push your opponent of her pig, when you do this you have a red card, and you finish the game.

DESCRIPTION: You have 30 minutes to play the game. The game consist-- in riding a pig, passing the ball to your partner and going to the area. You must pick up the other ball of your oponent. When you have two balls, your bal and the ball of your opponent you win the game.
Mari Trini and me, like this game because its very funny ---- use colour pigs, and also its because there are not many games in wich used a pig.

HOW TO WIN: You must have your ball and the ball of your partner. And state in a pig.

Hope you liked
Teacher's notes: well done. Correct the mistakes
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