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This is my avatar:She's a lio-ho-conda-ark-guin-bird.She's short she has got glasses,and she can fly. She has a tongue like a snake, arms like a penguin, a body like a penguin.She live on a cave, because the lio-ho-conda -ark-guin-bird is very sensitive at the sun. Then she has got owls wing.She has brown hair.

===Her T-shirt is purple.I like it because she can fly but only at night.Her mouth is short and her ears are bigger than her eyes, her wings are yellow,blue and brown.I've put the body of a penguin because she can slide to run very fast.Sometimes she goes out of the sun but she never forget the glasses for the sun.

pato.jpgMy favourite animal is the Atlantic Puffins, its size is 91 centimetres long. It weighs 500 grams. They live in the sea and they also fly through water, they eat small fish that they hunt underwater. They can stay underwater for 30 seconds. They have sexual reproduction and both parents take care of the single egg the female lays. The shape is like a penüin and i like it because is funny.