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This is my avatar.

Her name is Marina.She has long brown straight hair and big brown bush-baby eyes.

She also has a big happy mouth.She´s got two big horns on her head and the bottom half of her body is a jelly fish.On the back of her purple t-shirt she has chilean flamingo wings.I think she is very original!

Teacher's notes: well done. Only one spelling mistake, correct it.


The Giant Panda has a black and white coat its ears,eyes and legs are black and the rest of the animal is white.

giant panda. They are a types or species of bears. It lives in the bamboo forests of China. Giant Pandas are mamals.They do not reproduce very easily They eat mostly bamboo and very rarely hunt small birds. They sleep for over 40% of the day and 50% eating. The other 10% is for playing.