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tall .She has a purple shirt and has a (with the word
This is my avatar.It is Called fly-lemur .She is thin and
"princess") and a skirt and red shoes .She has got butterfly wings because I like butterflies.
She has a zebra tail because I also like zebras.She has got long brown hair , and big brown eyes , thin eyebrows , nose and a mouth.She has a background which is at the entrace of a zoo where you see a red butterfly

My favorite animal is a butterfly.

A butterfly is an insect.They eat fruit flow

ers and leaves.

They have three legs, two eyes and antennae. Its body is covered with hair and small wings .The wings are used to control its body temperature flying.

They usually live about two weeks.They often live in vegetation.The butterflies do not sleep, they rest with opened eyes.

I like butterflies because it is very small and very beautifull

My room is pink.The floor is brown,I have a purple bed with lots of cushions and a small beside table and on the ceiling there is a green lamp and a phone.Next to the bed there are two carpets and on one of them there is my bunny.On the other side of the bed I have a purple shelf with my nail polish and my books.I also have a butterflies poster and other of flowers another with eiffel tower.I have also two chairs one pink and one blue ,and a large lamp next to my window,I have some lights .I love my room because this is my style.

Teahcer's notes: good description, correct the mistakes. Mark: 8,5 Correct


NAME: PigBall.


EQUIPMENT: Special shoes, three pigs for group in blue, and three in red, two black balls, and specific clothes.

RULES: You must was on the pig. You mustn't push your opponent of her pig, when you do this you have a red card, and you finish the game.

DESCRIPTION: You have 30 minutes to play the game. The game consist-- in riding a pig, passing the ball to your partner and going to the area. You must pick up the other ball of your oponent. When you have two balls, your bal and the ball of your opponent you win the game.
Mari Trini and me, like this game because its very funny this game use colour pigs, and also it`s because there are not many games in there are a pig.

HOW TO WIN: You must have your ball and the ball of your partner. And state on a pig.

Hope you liked

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