This is my avatar. My avatar´s name is Butter Hourse.

She is short and thin and she has got long dark hair and brown eyes.

She has got a black t-shirt, small ears, butterfly wings and a tail seahorse
Butterfly wings are orange and black and big.
Tail sea-hourse is grey and short.

She can swim and fly.

My favourite animal

This is a dolphin. The scientific name is Delphinidae. It is a mammal. It is big and grey. It has a big mouth and small eyes ..... It measures about 3 or 4 metres.The dolphin weighs 454 kilograms. It eats small fish. It can jumping very high in the air. The brain of a dolphin is larger than a human brain and it can be aggressive.

Teacher's notes: habitat, hunting habits, why is it your favourite animal, ....