My avatar's name is The Bat. My avatar is tall and thin. She has long blonder hair, glasses, little green eyes, a little nose , a big mouth, a white T-Shirt with the number 1, blue trousers, blue trainers and bat wings because she likes the bats. She is clever and calm.She is young.She lives in a cave.

My favourite animal
murcielago vampiro.jpg

My favourite animal is the Vampire Bat. It measures between 6 and 9 centimetres, it weighs 30 or 40 grammes.
It is small and ugly. It has got brown short hair, little ears and teeth like a vampire.
It lives in dark places.
It eats blood.
It is a mamal and its reproduction is sexual.
It sleeps during the day and hunts during the night.
It attacks its victim when they are sleeping.
It is my favourite animal because I think is beautiful.

My bedroom.png

My bedroom is brown,blue and grey. My bed is big with pink and red sheets, with green, yellow and purple cushions. My bedroom has got a wall with a picture of dolphins. It has got a little lamp too. My bedroom has got two windows,but one is covered with a big wardrobe. Under the wardrobe there is a carpet like a dance floor. One of the windows has got green and pink curtains. It has got a little table for homework,the table has got a radio on it,a little picture and a little pink lamp. It has got an orange chair too. I like this bedroom because I've made it,and because I like all the things that are in there.

Teacher's notes: well done. Mark: 9,5

Invented sport

NAME OF SPORT : Handvolley

NUMBER OF PLAYERS : Three players in two teams

EQUIPMENT : Volleyball shoes and Handball clothes, a handball ball, a met and two goals.

DESCRIPTION : On the court --- is a met. On the two sides of the court there is a goal. You must throw the ball above the met and you must throw the ball into the goal.

RULES : You can't step on the other team's court. You mustn't use the feet or head. You mustn't throw the ---- under the net. You can pass the ball to the other court. The other players can catch the ball if you or your players throw the ball. The ball can fall on the ground. You only score a point if you throw the ball into the other team's goal.