MY avatar

My avatar is called lolgamer. He has curly black hair. It has large eyes. It has bat wings and crab hands. He has a black shirt and finally it has tiger feet.

Teacher's notes: it is very short. Correct the mistakes.



My room is red and white. It has two windows to the right and left side. In the wall of the right there is a drawing. In the window of the right there is a red curtain, below there is one diyei.On the step there is a bed, to the side there is an armchair. Below there is a carpet, to the side there is a trunk and also there are two guitars.

Teacher's notes: good description, be careful with someword order mistakes, and also say your opinion. Correct the mistakes!!
Mark: 6,5






Number of the player:

In this game you need groups of four.


For the game you need special swimsuit and rackets. Its played in a big swimming pool.

The description of the game is:

To play it you must be inside a swimming. You must speak with the other people and do the groups. Then go with your groups and decide the positions. Begin the game following the rules. You score a point when you throw the ball to the other side and nobody touches the ball with the racket. The group that win is the group with more points.

The rules of the game are:

- You mustn't throw the ball with the hands.

- You can jump but --- is very difficult.

- You mustn't leave the swimming pool during the game.

- Francis
- Marina
Teachers notes: does the ball have to get into a goal or hit the opposite wall or ??? Correct the mistakes.