My avatar:Quique.

This is my avatar.My avatar has got curly hair, goat horns,big elephant´s ears and fly eyes.It´s got spider´s arms,duck´s leg and it´s got chameleon´s tail.It´s wearing shorts and a T-shirt with an emoticon.And it´s got bat´s wings.It´s very calm but it´s not lazy,it´s very hard working.It´s not good-looking,he´s very ugly.But it´s very, very funny.It lives in the savannah.

Teacher's notes: correct the mistakes. Well done

external image getDesktop.php?name=QuiQue&height=768&width=1024&animalName_1=Ibex-ele-mon-cra-uck&animalName_2=-monitor&body=4&hair=42&eyes=1&brows=1&glasses=1&mouth=7&headgear=7&ears=4&face=13&arms=20&bottoms=3&backsides=1&tails=3&backgrounds=4&legs=1&shorts=31&shirts=40&sneakers=1&decals=7&cobra=1

My animal:The Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is a very big and dangerous animal.
The shark is a vertebrate animal that belongs to the family of fish.Its teeth have a pointed shape.This animal measures 4,5 meters long and weighs 1200kg.The Great White Shark lives in the Pacific Ocean.It eats fish and octopus.The Great White Shark is oviparus.This animal doesn´t sleep.
The Greath White Shark breathes through its gills and has two fins and a tail.
This animal is my preferred because it is deadly and dangerous.
external image Tiburon_blanco_cazando.jpg

My bedroom.

.This is my bedroom.My bedroom has got red, white and grey walls.The red walls have got windows.One is a spherical window and another is square.The spherical window has got blue curtains and the square window has got white curtains.

I´ve got a rap poster in my bedroom.

The shape of my bed is a car.The shape of my sofa is a rugby ball.In front of the sofa I´ve got a computer with computer games.

I`ve got drums,too.I love my drums because that`s cool.

I´ve got a trunk-shaped box next to the drums. (???)

Teacher's notes: good description. Correct the mistakes, Where is the chest of drawers?? Mark:6

Invented sport

NAME OF SPORT : Handvolley

NUMBER OF PLAYERS : Three players in two teams

EQUIPMENT : Volleyball shoes and Handball clothes, a handball ball, a met and two goals.

DESCRIPTION : On the court ---- is a met. On the two sides of the court there is a goal. You must throw the ball above the met and you must throw the ball into the goal.

RULES : You can't step on the other team's court. You mustn't use the feet or head. You mustn't throw the ball under the met. You can pass the ball to the other court. The other players can catch the ball if you or your players throw the ball. The ball can fall on the ground. You only score a point if you throw the ball into the other team's goal.

HOW TO WIN : You win if you can have more goals than the other team.

Teacher's notes: correct the mistakes.