In my dream bedroom (subject) is a ----table with a phone and a small lamp next to the bed with blankets and pillows flower circles ????.On the wall (subject) are two pictures and lights to the left of the bed. (subject and verb) a small shelf with various books up there in the window after some cushions to sit is acarpet with books after next two seats opposite the bed there is a place to store things and the other carpet is my pet rabbit ????

Teacher's notes: it has no sense!! You don't use full stops (.) or commas (,). Mark: 3


This is my avatar, the name of my avatar is Dinna, the Fly-Tiger,

she has long straigt black hair, ----- has brown eyes, ---- has butterfly wings, ---- tiger tail, a pink shirt with a drawing of a heart, ----- pink skirt and purple shoes , she are friendly and hard working .

Teacher's notes: every verb needs a subject. Correct the mistakes.



Name of the game : JUDOSURF

Numbers of players: 2 or 4 ... when you play whit 4 persons they are divided in to 2 groups of 2

Equipement : You need a special equipement , you need a non wetable judo suit and surf table

Rules and Description of the Game : In this game you have to throw the opponent into the water , but you cant hit him . You must to phushim . This sport is very gog because you reforce your balance and it¡s very funny

The rules of this game is , dont hit the opponent whit the leg , the surf table must be in the water

How to win : Yoy hace to throw the opponent in to the water and the first one of to lose his/her balance loses , and catch the wetable of the opponent

this job are made up of Adrian Medina and Begoña Muros .