avetar.jpgthis is my avatar:------ Has ears and elephant trunk. ------- has monkey arms and legs of elehant.
------ -------- Wearing a blue shairt and gray trousers. his eyes are brown and her brown hair.
------ Have clear skin and hair on ------ arms.
His feet are large and fat.

Teacher's notes: Be careful with the order of words, all sentences need a subject. Correct the mistakes.


This is my bedroom. Mi room have got a comfortable bed. It has a checkered carpet. It has a desk for homework.The wall has a skate. It has a very comfortable study chair.

It has a curtain with beads.I like my room because it is very quiet and relaxing. --- Spend much time in it.

Teacher's notes: good description. Be careful with some mistakes, correct them. Give your opinion about your room. MarK:5