My favourite animal is the Tiger. Tigers belong to the family of the cats. It is the biggest feline of the world. It lives only in Asia. It is a mammal.

It has small green eyes, a big nose, small ears and a long tail. Its body is covered with black stripes.

The Tigers sleep over15 hours a day.

It is a solitary and territorial animal that usually lives in the dense forests, but also in the Savannah.

The Tiger is carnivorous, typically it hunts at night because it looks (it can see) great in the dark and eats animals of medium size or large as hyenas, wolves, bears, crocodiles, etc... It can hunt in water because it is an excellent swimmer .

It is very fast. Tigers can run over 90 km/h, jump up to 5 meters height and 10 metres in length.

The smallest species is the Sumatran tiger and the larger the Amur tiger and Bengal.

sumatra.jpgThe Sumatran tigeramur.jpgThe Amur tiger

the Bengal tiger
The Bengal tiger

Teacher's notes: well done!


Name of the sport: Headball.
Number of players: There are two teams with two or four players

Equipment: You need a equipment of tennis


Description: You must try to hit the ball ---------- to the other field whit your head and do a point.

Rules: The players can only hit the ball with your head.
You can´t touch the ned with any part of the body . You can jump.

How to win: You win when the ball touch-- the floor of te other field.

Teacher's notes: the game is not clear. What do you need a racket for? It is too short, remember you have done it in pairs and both of you must speak in class. Correct the mistakes.