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He is from the savanna. He has red hair , a snake tail and mouth.
He also has rhino horns and two ears, he has two wings and two tiger arms with long claws

Teachers notes: it is a bit too short.


NAME OF SPORT: The big bad ball.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS : Everybody who wants to play.

EQUIPMENT: A special ball and casual clothes.

DESCRIPTION: The sport is very easy, also ----- is very funny. You can play with a ball and you must kick ball. ?????

RULES: You can`t hurt the opponent (hit or kick). You can only touch the ball with you feet. You can`t touch the ball with you-- hands. when the ball hit-- you, you ---- sit on the floor.

HOW TO WIN: The what more do sit a persons on the floor. (no sense)


Teachers notes: the description is not clear. What does the game consists in? Correct the mistakes indicated with ---
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