This is my avatar:

My avatar is athletic, confident, funny and good-looking. He´s tall and thin. He´s got brown eyes, big blue ears and wings. He´s got goat horns , very big legs and brown arms. He´s got a thin and long brown tail. He´s got a very beautiful blue t-shirt and grey shorts.

Teacher's notes: correct the mistakes.

My favourite animal :


Gray wolves (canis lupus) are my favourite animals.
It is gray and white. It is big and fast. It has got two blue eyes, a mouth and a nose, two ears, a very long tail, four long legs and a lot of hair in the body.
Its habitats are forest, mountains, tundra, taiga and grassland.
It eats meat. Its reproduction is sexual. It sleeps about 10h a day.
It hunts many animals.

My room:

My room is big and beautiful. There are two windows: One window on the left and the other window on the right. There is a blue big poster on the wall and next to the rugby beds. The bed has got two green cushions, and a black blanket. There is a carnivore plant between the left window and the bed. There is a small poster, above the plant. There is a green and white carpet next to the door and the bed. There is a beautiful orange fishbowl next to the left window and a chair and table near the fishbowl. I think that my bedroom is the best. :Dhabitacion.png

Teacher's note: well done. Mark: 8,5



-The name of our sport is volleytennis.

-In volleytennis there are two teams; six players in each team. There is a coach in each team, too.

-The equipment: Each person must have a tennis racket and a tennis ball.
A tennis' net for easy level and a volley' net for difficult level. You must have tennis' clothes.


-Explanation of the game: This game is like volleyball and tennis. One team serve and one person of the other team hit the ball with a racket, it must pass to the other side of the net. After you must stop the ball and pass it. Then you attack. The other team has to do the same, so on and who goal can serve.
It's play in a tennis'court.

-The Rules: The ball can only kick out the floor one time. You can't touch the ball two times non-stop. The ball can't touch the net any times.

-How to win: You win when your team have fifteen points in three periods.

This game is very funny :D